• Would you like to learn how to help others by presenting at workshops and seminars while getting paid well?
  • Would you like to know how to transform and package your knowledge, skills, and expertise in meaningful, well developed workshops and seminars?
  • Would you also like to learn how to market your seminars locally, regionally and internationally?
  • Would you like to deliver webinars and teleseminars and reach participants internationally, regionally or locally?
  • And, if you get anxious about speaking in public, would you like to learn exactly how to conquer your fear of public speaking?

If your answer to any one of these questions is yes, then this might be the best opportunity you will ever have to become an effective knowledgeable and in-demand presenter, facilitator or public speaker!

Hi! My name is Marcus Mottley. I am a Certified Training Manager, Executive Coach, Certified Seminar Leader an award winning Public Speaker… and a Clinical Psychologist. I have been training, speaking, teaching, counseling and coaching for 35 years and have given thousands of speeches, presentations, workshops and seminars. I want the opportunity to share my experience and expertise with you right here on this site. I want to help you become more effective at delivering  powerful and effective workshops and seminars and assist you in building your business using online (internet) and offline methods.
On this site,  I will show you how to fulfill your dreams. You will learn on an on-going basis.
As a beginning or intermediate level trainer or speaker you will get all the help you need to solidify your career in training. Or I will help you to develop your skills as you transition into the training, and public speaking field.
And, if you are an experienced trainer who would like information about new and emerging trends in training and think that you could benefit from strategies and ideas that would take your skills to the next level, then this membership program is also for you. Experienced trainers should look at this as continuing education and as an opportunity to get mentoring and coaching for the specific results you desire!
Our primary focus is on providing the most targeted support for people who want to be or who are already in the training business and want support, information, coaching, mentoring and the critical skills necessary for their success in the field of providing workshops or seminars. We will also provide and/or recommend the best tools for you to build your business online and offline.
If you want to transition from where you are… doing whatever you are doing… to becoming a successful trainer and presenter, then this membership site is for you.
You have got knowledge, expertise and skills from years of studying and working in your specific field. You have been trained and have been tested… you know your stuff and you have shown it and applied it over the years. Here is an opportunity to learn how to package your knowledge and experience and share it with thousands of people who are hungry to know what you know and thirsty to learn the skills that you have.
This is your chance to train others, get paid (well paid) and feel good because you passed on your know-how to others so that they could benefit.  This is an opportunity to retrain yourself because you can use the specialized knowledge and skills that you have gathered and developed over the years and share it with those who need what you have!
“Knowledge is power!” Well… let me change that… “Knowledge and skills give you power!” What power? The power to help others! There is a quote by Margaret Fuller that “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles by it.” And according to Ralph Waldo Emerson “Knowledge exists to be imparted!”
There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people, who want to know what you know…. and who desire to learn the kinds of skills that you have. I suggest that you seize the opportunity to give it to them…
How will you benefit? The people who need your knowledge will pay you well…  their companies will pay you well… And in doing this you will also achieve success, acclaim, visibility, and other rewards… and awards.
Here at Speak-Train.com I will give you all you need… and train you in everything that you must know. I will give you the training knowledge and help you to get the presentation, marketing and other skills that you need.
This is your one-stop resource and personal training-vault with all that you need to know about becoming a successful trainer and seminar leader and much more.
Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you a few good reasons I can back up what I claim:

Here Is Why I Am Confident That I Can Provide You With The Best Training Resources:

Reason one: I am a certified training manager and a certified seminar leader, and I am a Toastmasters Public Speaking Champion for my District in Washington DC/Maryland (2002, 2004, 2005; Plus 23 other trophies…). Our team of training consultants and associates have similar backgrounds. They have been corporate trainers, HR professionals, seminar leaders, public speaking professionals, conference organizers, and meeting planners.
Reason two: I have been training, speaking, teaching, counseling and coaching for 35 years and have given thousands of presentations. Collectively our team of training consultants and associates – when you add up our years of experience – have hundreds of years of experience.
We bring a world of experience having worked in Austria, Kosovo, Switzerland, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, the Philippines, Brazil, Panama, Venezuela, United States, Canada, the Caribbean, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Israel, Egypt, Greece, England and France.
Reason three: I have been managing my own training and seminar business for the last 15 years and have been conducting training for over 35 years. I know what works and what doesn’t. I am also a clinical psychologist, author, executive coach and corporate trainer working with individuals, government and private sector organizations… locally, regionally and internationally.
Our team of professionals all come from executive and world class backgrounds where they have varied experiences from sports management, law enforcement, academics, science, corporate executive, accounting, politics and government.We have worked in and with some of the biggest companies on the planet and have trained staff from some of the most successful companies worldwide.
We bring a sensitivity to cultural differences because we all come from different cultural backgrounds and experiences.
Reason four: We all need coaches, mentors, trainers, guides, and advisers to help us along – even if only from time to time. Celebrities and successful people from all of life’s endeavors have coaches and advisers around them. These people include: Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Suresh Raina, Serena Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo, Oprah Winfrey, Lalith Malinga, Roger Federer, Angelina Jolie, Mahammad Asif, David Beckham, Kobe Bryant. Join us because you can get your own coaches, mentors and advisers right here.
Reason five: Probably the most important reason of all is that when I started in the training business I was lost. There was no one to mentor or coach me. So I paid thousands of dollars (probably over US$100,000+ over the years). I attended conferences, seminars and workshops all over the map. I became certified as a Training Manager. I became certified as a Seminar Leader. I attended and received advanced training in presentation skills, public speaking, designing and developing training programs, writing… I bought hundreds of books, VHS tapes (remember those?), audio cassettes (remember those?), training manuals, CDs, and DVDs. I subscribed to all of the top training and development magazines and journals. I attended teleseminars and webinars. I paid “experts” to coach and mentor me (that alone was US$10000.00+ for about nine months of coaching). I spend thousands of hours developing my own training seminars. I conducted and facilitated over thirty workshops for free… before I got paid a fee! Then, I had to learn how to market my programs and how to work with and sell my services to meeting and conference planners, Human Resource and Training Directors. I had to learn everything from the ground up. I made hundreds of mistakes that you won’t have to (some of these mistakes were very costly).
Reason six:  I am totally committed to helping you to get what you want. If you are willing to stick with it… to put in the time… to put in the effort… tondo the work… to listen… and to be coachable… Then I will be there to help you achieve your dream. 

Some Key Ways In Which You Will Benefit

  • You won’t have to pay $10000+ for a coaching and mentoring package! As a matter of fact you might not have to pay anything (more on this below)!
  • You won’t have to purchase thousands of dollars worth of books, DVDs, training manuals and CDs.
  • You won’t have to attend hundreds of workshops, seminars, or conferences.
  • You won’t have to make the many costly mistakes that I made.
  • You will learn how to design and develop your seminars and workshops.
  • You will learn the tips, tricks and shortcuts that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • You will learn how to shorten your learning curve to be an effective presenter, facilitator and speaker.
  • If you have a fear of public speaking… we will help you to dissolve it… so that you can speak to hundreds and thousands of people in your audiences.
  • You will learn where to start… what to do first… what to do next…
  • You will learn how to market yourself and your training programs… and you will learn why learning to do both exceptionally well is critically important.
  • You will learn about audio-visual aids, what equipment and tools you need, how to conduct better program evaluations, how to manage your business, how to market your business, how to manage yourself… and you will learn some of the strategies of highly traveled ‘road warriors’ and much, much, much more.
“The support that I am getting is more than I expected. So far, I have learned things about presenting and training that I did not know were important. Although I am not yet in the Coaching Program… you have still answered many of my questions. Thanks.” Bakhtawar Sharma
“This is my fifth month in the Coaching/Mentoring Program and I have already developed and presented a half-day program which was well received. And I got paid well…!” Carlos Rivas
“I have been a professional trainer for nine years. I have only been in this Coaching program for seven months and I have already significantly increased my income and my fees.” Daniel Eastman

Here Is A Summary of What You Get!

  • This is a private, exclusive, members only program. Only members have access and will benefit from the tons of information that is in this site.
  • Unlimited use of our secret vault which will eventually be jam packed with thousands of articles on training secrets, how-to and other information that you won’t elsewhere.You will have access to the information that you need to guarantee you success.
  • Easy to navigate and always available. You only need internet access.You don’t have to wait to attend a training in the next state or across the country…. no hotel rooms or being suck in busy airports. Access your training right from your desktop. You won’t have to buy all the lates books, and those super expensive videos and DVDs.
  • Exclusive video and audio materials including clear and detailed ‘how-to’ information. Learn everything you need to know about setting up and managing your training business. Then learn how to identify and package your training information then deliver it to hungry audiences.
  • Our site is 100% focused on training.You will always have fresh, innovative and cutting edge information at your fingertips.
  • We are constantly updating and adding to the site. 25 to 50 new articles, videos and tele-seminars each week will be added. Save time and money with these seminars. Purchase them… study them… adjust them if you want to… prepare yourself… and deliver highly impactful training seminars.
  • Get access to discounted off-the-shelf full package training seminars that we develop. These seminars come complete with handouts, presenter’s notes, PowerPoint, and in some cases, embedded videos. Get more focused assistance and have me work directly with you to help you strengthen your skills and help you uncover your best potential.

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